African Cuisine, 30 Recipes and More

Freda Muyambo
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A collection of 30 African cuisine and inspired recipes by Freda Muyambo, author of My Burnt Orange blog. This book offers a Pan African adventure for your tastebuds and more. Included are:

  • 12 vegetarian and side dish recipes eg: Red Red (Bean Stew, Ghana)

  • 9 nonvegetarian recipes, including, seafood poultry, and meat eg: Beef Bobotie (South Africa)

  • 9 drink and dessert recipes eg: Hibiscus Fleur Royale, Blueberry Blondies

Most of the recipes are naturally wheat and gluten-free.

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E-book with 30 African Cuisine recipes, including links to tutorials and further information

50.7 MB
34 pages
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